| logic behind the format of IP address 192.168.l.l

ip Address

IP, this may seem like an ordinary IP address. However, it is not so ordinary. This is the IP address used by several network brands like Linksys and others as an access point. This IP serves as a WLAN to route the requests of several routers. The routers’ admin access needs to be configured with this IP address. By doing these configuration firms allow the network administrators to configure the networks and routers owned by them. This IP is used for several purposes which include – managing security options, IP QoS, DSL, ADSL, Network management, DNS, LAN, WAN, proxy, WLAN settings, MAC, WPS block and several other options.

How can a network administrator login to the IP

The process is simple and easy and includes 5 steps. By doing this setup one can change the configurations and settings provided by the router software. Let us look at each step carefully

Step1 – Go to the IP address, type this IP address in your browser and click enter.
Step2 – If you get an error in your browser then you must look up the router’s IP address as per the product code of router on the internet.
Step3 – If your router’s IP 192.168.l.l login router address is found then you will see a user login panel on your browser. You need to enter the credentials of your router in this section.
Note-- If you do not remember the credentials of your router, you can find by these methods.

The router’s default username and password will be written on the bottom section of the router. If you cannot find that, then you can search on the internet for the same. If you had changed your router’s username and password but do not remember now, then you must reset the router to the default credentials. You will be required to do the settings again, but if you have forgotten the password then there is no other option left.

Step4 – After successful login, the router’s setting can be easily changed using the web interface.

Finding your router’s IP address

If you are not able to access the router’s home page using the IP address i.e. it keeps loading or gives an error then your network might be using some other IP address. Mostly it can be or or

Even if the above options do not work, you must go to the command prompt in Windows system by clicking on Run and then typing cmd. A terminal will open where you should type ipconfig. You will get the IP address of your router.

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Forgot Wireless Router Password

Wireless Router Password

Routers are the device that connects your computer, Smartphone or any other device to a network or internet. And to secure the router settings, a username and password are provided to you so that any other individual cannot access the settings or any other valuable settings of your password. And sometimes due to a variety of password in various device or software you forgot the password of your router.  And if you forgot the password of your router then you won’t be able to access the device from inside. So here I am going to show you the technique to recover the forgot wireless router password.

How to Solve Forgot Wireless Router Password:

The company always provide default router password and Username with the router you have bought. After you login, you can change the default password provided and after that if you forgot the password you can’t revive it anymore. So one of the only way to login again into your router is you have to press the reset button for 20sec, and after that, the router will set back to the factory settings. And then you can login with the password provided by the brand with your router. So this is the only method through which you can login after you forgot wireless router password.

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Download Garageband Latest Version on Your Device

Garageband apk download

Garageband is one of the best music creation studio apps for the iOS device. Garageband has an awesome sound library that comprises many instruments such as guitar, preset for voice, drum, etc. Using these instruments, you can play, create and record music on your iOS device. Apple officially develops this app for Apple user only.

But now, the Alternative of GarageBand for Windows PC Download App latest version is accessible to use for Android and PC platform too. So, if you are using an Android device and want to create own music, then you can get this app on your android device to make your own music, track. However, to get this app first, you will need to download the APK file and install. You can follow the instruction below, where I have highlighted the steps to download Garageband latest APK.

How to download Garageband latest APK

Here are the steps to download Garageband latest APK, so, have a look.

  • First of all, check an Android version that you are using and verify, by going to setting option and open “About Phone.”
  • After that, go to Google and search for the “Garageband latest APK.”
  • Right after the search is completed, you will see many sites appearing on your screen.
  • Now, what you need to do is that open any of the sites to download the “Garageband APK.”
  • Then, now, you will see the “Garageband Latest APK” with download option below. Just tap on download option.
  • As soon as you tap, there will be selecting Android version option. Now, simply select your android version and download the Garageband APK on your Android device.

(But make sure you download the Garageband APK from trusted site)

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Robotics is concerned with the construction, use and operating procedures of robots and also computer devices used for their monitoring, control and processing of informations. It is a modern technology designed to build machines that can replace human works. Robots are useful for many purposes, taking on any appearance especially a human form. This helps people to accept robot technology as they can also replicate human behaviors and activities like speaking, walking, carrying and doing a lot of things same as humans. Robotics is a fast growing technology as advancements continues in other fields and the design of robots is useful for domestic, commercial and military purposes. Robot technology is advancing at an increasing rate and extending his usefulness in various industries. There are lots of future forecasts for the advancement and use of robot technology in modern day.


Robots And The Future Of Surgery

Medical practitioners and surgeons make use of the RoboNet technology in medicine and for performing surgery on patients. Robots are consistently used in some modern technology such as AI, navigation, MEMS sensors, computer vision etc. Robot technology will help to increase the rate of business development and inventions. This can also lead to increase in the delivery of quality services and higher productivity. Below is a list of prediction for the use of robot technology in the nearest future:

1. Growth Of Robots

Predictions have revealed that about 30% of the use of robot technology in many businesses in 2019 will be in Raas model. This will enable most businesses using the robot technology to minimize the cost of purchase of robots.

2. Robotics Officer

About 30% of world's business organizations will employ the services of a robotic officer in 2019 to improve their business productivity.

3. Evolving Competition

There will be many business enterprises involved in the sale of robots and other information and communication technology devices in 2020. This will enable many industries to patronize variety of sellers in the rich industry for the purchase of robots.
4. Talent Race

The development of robots will help to increase the search for useful human skills and abilities in 2020. This will result in the replacement of about one third of human positions with robots and about 60% increase in annual income earned.


5. Regulations

There will be a need for government laws and regulations about robots to retain human jobs, address security, health and privacy issues.

6. Software-defined Robots

About two-thirds of these robotic technological equipments will use cloud-based applications leading to an archived-based selling place for robots in 2020.

7. Collaborative Robots

There is a prediction that in 2018, there will be an advancement in robotic technology which will result in the production of smarter and safer robots.

8. RoboNet

In 2020, the total work effectiveness of robots will increase by more than double its present efficiency.

9. Automating Of Operations

Many business organizations in utilities, health, logistics etc will use robots for the executions of their basic operations in 2019.

10. Ecommerce

About half of the world's e-commerce organizations will utilize robotic services for their business operations and storehouses.



Future technology has been rapidly advancing to aid the development of human modernization. Latest technology is complex, user friendly, easy to use for people of all ages and makes most human activities very convenient. Benefits of future technology expands beyond individuals into the society at large. These improvements in modern technology has helped in advancing the traditional equipments by the addition of special features and introducing better ways to use them. Modern society will evolve into a smarter environment with fast and effective future technology providing more ease of activities for humans. Ultramodern devices and equipments are more sophisticated and stronger for better use than the usual traditional devices.

July 09,2017

As reported by technologist and scientific researchers, latest technology can apply its sophisticated methods in upgrading the conventional devices and equipments for better use. The introduction of advanced technology will make the world more beautiful and a better place of living without environmental hazards. Latest technology news updates has revealed some recently launched equipments and technological tools with several beneficial functions. An example of latest technology is the Solar Planter which was designed and invented by Kevin Cheng which helps to preserve natural plants resources. The solar planter was built to supply an unnatural solar energy which will help to protect and preserve the plants in a good way. It's also built with strong exhaust fans to purify it from stagnant hair which may be accumulated.

July 19,2017

Air will be allowed to flow freely in the planter for the preservation of all green plants in it. It is also highly efficient in the use of energy and does not pose and harm to the environment. Research has shown that these latest technologies does not present any environmental danger or pollution to the society as it does not emit any toxic substance or gas into the air. In telecommunications, future and latest technology has been very useful and impactful for the improvement of modern communication systems. Humanoid robots is a very good example of future technology in telecommunications. This robotic technology will be developed to be useful for working on communication systems out of this planet into space. Scientific experiments are ongoing to improve the functionality of this robot.

July 13,2017

Concept Cloud BlackBerry is a complicated and clever mobile phone which is environmental friendly and does not emit any pollutant. It is powered by liquid fuel which is not hazardous to the environment. There will be lots of inventions and innovations in future technology to improve human life. Many scientists are of the opinion that future and modern technology can be very effective, useful and harmless to the society. Future technology must be user and environmental friendly and should not disrupt the natural ecosystem. Science and technology are very useful tools for the improvement and growth of the entire world. Most recent innovations of future technology is not only for the benefit of humans but research is ongoing for the design of technology that is also beneficial to the earth.