There is a rising need for the production of quality and long lasting battery to power a lot of technological tools and computer devices used today. This is as a result of fast growing rate of mobile devices, increased electric motor cars and lots of gadgets that are powered by batteries. Manufacturers of batteries are devising a lot of means and new technology to combat the predicted increase in request for more batteries. Battery manufacturers like Tesla are trying to meet this increasing demand by projecting the production of more durable and long lasting batteries in 2020. Some new technologies have been developed to aid the increased production of batteries in the future.

July 09,2017

1. Advanced Humidity Control

Batteries manufactured with Lithium are very sophisticated and delicate to produce in large quantities.

This is as a result of the fact that some limitations in Lithium-ion batteries may cause faster failures and probable fire outbreaks. The production of batteries require certain humidity range which is below 1%RH.

The conditions required for the production of durable and long lasting batteries includes dry environments and the use of specialized manufacturing tools which should be employed by all battery producing companies.


July 19,2017

2. New Battery Technologies

The increased demand for battery has clearly shown that Lithium-ion batteries cannot meet the present demand.

Other forms of battery technology like the solid-state batteries, Aluminium-ion batteries, metal-air batteries and lithium-sulphur batteries are presently been employed in the production of long lasting and fire-resistant batteries.

There is the prediction that there will be an appreciable increase in the manufacturing of batteries across several countries in the world.

July 13,2017

3. Increased Automation

Most battery manufacturing companies will need to improve their automated method of production of batteries by making the process faster and cheaper in order to meet the rising demand for durable batteries.

Improvements in robot technology can also be employed in the production process as they can work with harmful or delicate materials in a safer way.